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The data in this dashboard is updated on a quarterly basis throughout the school year.

March 8th 2019: To comply with a change in Federal policy, the definition of a suspension is now a removal from school that lasts at least one day. This is in comparison with the Minnesota state definition that was displayed here previously, which required that a suspension last more than one day. Reclassifying removals that last exactly one day from the out-of-school removal category to the suspension category has changed the numbers displayed here, roughly doubling the number of suspensions. See slides 54 - 72 in this presentation for a detailed comparison of the data using Federal and Minnesota definitions.

December 10th 2018: Behavior classifications were redefined and the following behaviors were re-categorized: threat (objective to violent), facilitating/instigating violence (subjective to objective), bomb (objective to violent), inappropriate language/gesture (objective to subjective), unauthorized entering or leaving through emergency door (subjective to objective), and Danger Zone infringement (subjective to objective).

November 26th 2018: Historical demographic data (particularly Special Education and English Learner status) has been updated in this data dashboard; previously it had been pulling the data based on students' current status, now it pulls the data based on status from the corresponding school year. This might cause the data to look different for those groups in prior years. Data for the current school year has not been affected at all.

If you have any questions or concerns about the data, please contact the department of Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Accountability at rea@mpls.k12.mn.us.