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What does "visualization" mean?

When we use the word "visualization" on this site, we mean a set of interactive graphs and charts created using the Tableau system. These visualizations are built using data that is collected on MPS schools, staff, and students. All charts and graphs on this site are interactive, which means that you can click on them and change their inputs to get more detailed information about the data being displayed.

How to use visualizations

The most common way that you will probably be using these visualizations is to ask a data-driven question about the schools or students that you work with. As an example, maybe you want to compare MCA Reading scale scores for African vs. African American students at South. To find the answer, you would follow these steps:
  1. Click on Visualizations on the navigation bar above.
  2. Click on MCA on the new navigation bar that just appeared.
  3. Click on School: Subgroup Analysis on the new, light blue navigation bar.
  4. Locate the Choose a school drop-down menu. Change it to "South".
  5. The next drop-down menu on the screen is the Choose breakdown menu. Change it to "Ethnicity w/ African".
  6. The final drop-down menu sets the score type. Change it from "Proficiency" to "Scale Score".
  7. As a last step, select the radio button marked "Reading".
  8. The table of data displayed below now shows the MCA reading scale scores of students at South, broken into categories by ethnicity. The rows corresponding to African and African American students are outlined in yellow below.
See the image below for a visual representation of these steps: